The Weight of Time
The Weight of Time
The Weight of Time

The Weight of Time

Regular price£2,700.00

13,000 nails

50 metres of string

136cm x 116cm

Fully insured worldwide shipping- £500

The process of String Art

String Art is an extremely time-consuming process and requires the utmost focus. The artist begins by mapping out the selected reference image that is dissected into squares, then once a canvas size has been selected, this mapping process is upscaled onto the wooden canvas and squares are marked with an equal ratio to the ones on the reference image.

The nail process involves further dissection of the piece, square by square hitting nails on outlines and reference points with regard to shading and layout of the selected image. The nails act as the foundation for the string so it is crucial to be accurate and ensure spacings are correct. The string acts similarly to shading with a pencil, where you continue building the layers to create a darker tone - a true blend of science and art working in harmony.

Stringometry Originals can take anywhere between 100 – 1000 hours to complete. Larger works include up to 147,000 nails and 5000 metres of string, but Ben is determined to top these figures in the future.