Stringometry Art studio was created in 2019 by artist Ben Koracevic after discovering the unusual medium of String Art in a video. Instantly, he was hooked. Always one to find enjoyment in creating and coupled with his vast experience working with various metals, woods, carbon fibre, fibreglass, epoxy resins and fillers, he seized a new challenge to reinvent the world of string art.

This new challenge soon became an obsession that evolved into a love affair over the months that followed. Whilst working a full-time job and completing his Degree in Science in his spare time, Ben somehow found another 30+ hours a week to practice and experiment with different nails and a variety of strings.

Naturally when a passion consumes your life, you want more, so in August of 2019 he made the  decision to quit his day job, cash in his life savings and pursue his true calling as an artist. This change empowered him to spend 70+ hours a week in his studio, honing his craft, perfecting  techniques and began to create something truly exquisite.

Less than two years later Ben’s artwork has been displayed in exhibitions across London and has been received with incredible admiration and respect for the unique nature of his work. Stringometry Art Studio has sold his works across the world in three continents and is committed to support Ben as he pushes the boundaries of this rare art form.

In Ben’s words “art is a universal language where the work does all the talking, I hope mine speaks for itself.”